Things to do at home to uplift your mood.

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Have you recently experienced a change in your lifestyle? Does it seem like you are having a difficult time adjusting to something new? Whatever the reason, it doesn’t really matter.

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All you know is that we are in the middle of a pandemic. Going out to distract yourself is probably a risk that you are not willing to take, specially if you are living with a family member with a medical condition, small children or with elders.

You can always find a new routine to uplift your mood.

Let me share with you some of my tricks, which help me stay mentally healthy after so many months in isolation.

1. Set a time to wake up early in the morning, and a time to go to bed. Try to keep your schedule as normal as possible – as if you had to go to work every day.

You will be so surprised about the benefits of waking up early and enjoying the morning dew.

2. Practice Gratitude as soon as you wake up. Do not think about anything else, just for a moment. Take a minute just to let gratitude grow within your body.

Step out of your house or apartment barefoot; in a place where you can feel the sweet breeze of the early morning.

Can you feel it? Do you notice how the bright sun is fighting against the gray sky to lift up and shine? Do you hear the small birds singing “good morning”?

Take a deep breathe, hold it for 15 seconds, then breathe out.

Now repeat with me: Today is gonna be a wonderful day, I will make my day worthwhile by doing the simple things that I usually do, but with love. I am going to smile without any other reason, than I deserve to smile.

photo by Jenn . This is my sunrise.

3. Have a Glass of cold water. Yes, I said cold water.

Drinking cold water on a empty stomach has a lot benefits for your body and your mood. Treat your body as your beloved temple, it needs to be hydrated after working hard for you to have a good sleep.

4. Play that song that makes you feel empowered. While you are preparing your breakfast, play your favorite song.

What is that song that makes you feel a champion? Yes, I am talking about this song that transported you to a time when you once felt full of happiness, love and self-confidence.

Play it and enjoy your breakfast, because you are a warrior and every warrior deserves a soundtrack in their own life.

5.Enjoy a mindfulness shower. Even if it’s a 2 minute shower (specially if you have kids), do it mindfully.

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Can you feel the water running through your whole body? How does it feel? Isn’t it very good to feel alive? Smell the soap, How do you like it? This is a great moment, right?

6. Get ready and feel Pretty. Yes, you dressed pretty to stay at home. Simply because you deserve it!

You are the person who looks at yourself in the mirror, your eyes deserve to see the beautiful human you are. Having others looking at you is a plus – but when you look at yourself, so pretty, ONLY for you, it’s a win.

7. Engage in your responsibilities at home, take care of all those things that you need to catch up on. Organize closets, the fridge, the pantry, that bookshelf that you always said you would. All that requires your presence, do it mindfully.

How do you feel? Isn’t it great to know that no one but you can do such a spectacular job in your house?

Your house is your second temple, after your body this is the space that should “scream” peace. Here is where you lay down after a hard day of work. Treat it with love and respect.

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8. Spare some time to work out. There is no need for a gym, you can go to youtube and find excellent work-out routines as short as 15 min – or you could always dance (specially if you are Latina, you’ll know what I mean).

Dancing liberates endorphins, these will make you feel happier.

9. Spend a mindful dinner with your love ones. You know what is beautiful? Coming back home, enjoying a warm meal, and specially having someone waiting for you with a smile. Even if they don’t smile at you, take initiative and share a smile with them. Seat down and turn off the tv and your phone, for more than a couple of minutes. Look directly at the face of the person who’s talking to you, think with gratitude about where this food is coming from, think about the people who harvested the products, the one who cooked it, all the process that the food went through just for you to be able to eat it.

If you are living alone, first enjoy your meal mindfully and then, take the time to call someone you care about and simply ask them: “How was your day?”

Eating is a blessing, but sharing it with someone is priceless.

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10. Take a moment to relax before sleeping. What makes you feel relaxed? Is it to read a book? Watch a movie? If it’s a movie, I suggest you choose funny movies or movies with a positive message. Whatever makes you smile, do it. It will help improve the quality of your sleep.

Try NOT to think about anything else, forget about the problems. Think only about sleeping. Your body is your work tool, it needs to be sharp. Try to sleep at least 6-8 hrs straight .

Your hormone levels will improve and you will wake up in a much better mood.

You can always change your activities. There will be days when you won’t feel like doing anything – but as much as possible, make an effort to create new routines.

Please, share your thoughts too!

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