How to have an eco-lifestyle?

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What is an eco-Lifestyle? It is to adopt the culture of caring for the environment by making small but long lasting changes to the way we live.

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The environment encompasses many aspects, including human health and quality of life.

Plans for an eco-friendly lifestyle exist in most countries, but quiet often these don’t work – because these are not implemented as they’re supposed to. Especially in poor countries where simply, they don’t have the resources or the means to promote change and educate their people.

In low income countries, 34% of child disease cases are due to polluted environments. The lack of a safe water supply and healthy living conditions inevitably lead to a bad quality of life. Biological contaminants and heavy-metals in water are damaging our eco-system. Water is a critical resource that grants us many benefits such as the ability to generate electricity, provide a means for cooking, cleaning, showering, etc. It is a multi-purpose essential commodity.

This is why, is it is so important that those that have the opportunity to practice this eco-lifestyle make sure that it is properly implemented – not only in the present but for the future.

We have to understand that small steps lead to balance, that benefit us today and the future.

Thus, I wish to share with you 7 ways you can go green in your day-to-day:

1. Shop eco-friendly products. Some consider this a waste of money because the products don’t last as long. But with this you are helping companies go green. More demand will translate to more products made with safe materials for the environment. For example, using bamboo instead of plastic or glass.

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You can find some nice eco-friendly products here:

2. Go organic. There are so many benefits to going organic – it is more healthy for you, it helps maintain and improve soil fertility, prevents the use and contamination with toxic chemicals and help the ecosystem. Some may think this is too costly, but most retailers now offer low-cost organic alternatives.

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I recommend this post:

3. Shop local and seasonal products. Helping local small agricultural companies has many benefits for the environment.

4. Use public transportation and ride-share apps if possible. This contributes to generating less pollution. Of course bicycling and walking also help the environment, and can improve your health and wellness too.

5. Go paperless. Nowadays thanks to the digital age this is quite easy. If they ask you at a store if you want a paper receipt and you don’t really need it, do not take it . For example, sign up for e-bills from the bank, and electronic newspaper and magazines.

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6. Say NO to bottled water. Thousands and thousands of empty water bottles are sold everyday. These bottles create more plastic waste than any other product on earth. Treat yourself a pretty re-usable bottle and take it with you. You can do the same with coffee cups, bring your tumbler with you when you go for your coffee.

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7. Revegetation. Research shows that revegetation will boost the soil’s ability to soak up water that runs off the surface, provide more clean air, and improve the quality of groundwater sources.

Revegetation also provides a home to millions of species, helps enhance soil fertility, soil pH and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Plant new trees!

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By living an eco-lifestyle, together we can create a culture for loving our earth, and being grateful for belonging in this beautiful planet.

Please, share your thoughts too!

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