What is Happiness?

This is a question that every single person in this world has asked at least once.

Is there a way to really feel happy? How can I achieve happiness? We all have these questions.

What brings “happiness” to every person is different. Some might say that for them happiness is their family, for others it is their careers, for others it is money, etc. The reality is that “happiness” can be found in supplying the needs you are craving at that specific moment of your life .

The problem with this kind of happiness is that it doesn’t last forever. Once you get what you were wishing for, the “feeling” slowly but surely goes away.

Then, what is happiness? In my opinion, happiness is not a feeling, it is not an emotion. Happiness is a joy that doesn’t vanish even during hard times. You are still human, you might feel discouraged, sad and even disappointed many times – but you can always find a way to smile and go on. You manage to keep a positive view of life .

Life can be hard, challenging and unfair. There will be so many people betraying you, abandoning and failing you. There will also be many situations that will steal your peace and cheerfulness. But NO ONE can’t take away your Joy.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

For me , Happiness and joy are two different things.

Happiness is a fleeting feeling, it varies depending on the changes in your life, and based on what you want and when you want it.

It’s the feeling of running after something “NEW”, and that in your reasoning will bring you desired laughs and fulfillment. However, if you don’t get it or if things didn’t work the way you want them to; that happiness is gone and you are left behind with emptiness, sadness and discouragement.

On the other hand, joy is a choice for your life. It can’t be torn apart by the situations that you are living. Whether things are going good or bad, you remain in delight.

You just know that you are in the perfect time and in the perfect place. You are at peace, whatever the situation; and you learn to accept things for what they are and not for what you want them to be.

It’s not giving up, it’s knowing that you are doing your best – and if something didn’t work out, it’s because it was not meant to happen. You can let go of it and keep smiling.

It’s stopping at trying to change the things that can’t be changed, to cease “being in control” of everybody and everything. It’s to be over at being angry at life, but accepting and loving your life for what it is.

I once heard that when we die, God will only ask us 2 questions:

1. Were you happy when you were alive? and, 2. Did you make the people around you happy?

We are all in search of happiness, we want to be happy and make the people we love happy. We wake up everyday with this goal.

Finding joy in the daily things that you are experiencing is the easiest way to train your brain to have a positive attitude in life, and therefore feel joy.

One day at a time, make it a simple goal: find happiness in feeling grateful for the roof you sleep under, for the people you love around you, for the sky that brings the sun to warm you in the morning, and the moon that guards your sleep at night. For that flower that bloomed overnight, for the meal (as simple as it may be) that is filling your body, for the smile of that kid at the bus stop, etc.

Seeing the life through the eyes of an innocent kid that still gets amazed by the simplicity and beauty of nature, will change your negative attitude to a positive mindset, that will fill your heart with joy.

Whether you have it all or not; Cultivate gratefulness, love, forgiveness, trust and hope.

Simple things will bring joy to your heart and happiness to your life.

Please, share your thoughts too!

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