Why You should not give up on Your Dreams

Isn’t it great to admire the way airplanes reach that perfect balance in the air while flying towards its destination?

However, it wasn’t like this from the start. Before reaching this balance, the airplane must first overcome two primary forces: weight and drag. Weight is the force of gravity acting to pull the plane to the ground, and it is overcome through lift. Continuous lift -pushing against the opposing forces, results in the plane finally rising into the air. Does this relate to your life?

Photo by Benjamin Suter on Pexels.com

Have you ever had a moment in your life where you feel exactly an airplane? You are trying to push forward towards your goals, moving against all the negative winds – problems along the way and gloomy thoughts telling you that “you won’t make it”. You are at times fighting alone against the gravity of life, and against all the people that somehow feel like they have the right to comment about the way you are living – asking you to forget your “fantasies”, and that these are nothing more than excuses to keep wasting time.

Although you are exhausted, you know you just can’t give up on your dreams and plans. There is a flame burning inside of you that tells you that there is still more for you to see, and that you can’t abandon all that you have set out for.

stylish woman with suitcase and bag walking on street near modern airport terminal
Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

Well, I guess you know what I am talking about. There are moments when you are just starting out, just like an airplane. The departure seems easy, you feel like everything is calm and that you are in control of everything. You have your planned route, the weather conditions of life seem great, and you feel like you truly know what you are getting yourself into.

Everything is going smoothly, but suddenly you start to feel the pressure of gravity getting a bit more aggressive – but you keep on pushing. You feel completely sure about what you are doing. There is no way a little bit of gravity will stop you. Then, something seems wrong, you can feel your ears of hope getting plugged, somehow your are losing control of your hearing and sensing abilities.

man in airport waiting for boarding on plane
Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com

You hear the voice of the captain saying: “We are facing some turbulence, please keep your seatbelt on”. Oh-oh! This is when you feel regret and wish you could go back to the airport on the ground. But there is nothing else to do, you gotta keep going, you are already too far to go back. Nothing can be done, you gotta face the turbulence of life.

For a couple minutes you feel ok. As time passes, you are aggressively shaken by the winds, and this is when you start to lose hope. There is only one thing going through your mind: I want this to be over and fly in calmness.

Photo by Sheila on Pexels.com

You are emotionally exhausted, you can’t go on anymore. These thoughts come over and over, “I shouldn’t have made this decision, if it’s going to be this hard – perhaps this means that it’s not meant for me”.

Out of nowhere, a voice inside of you whispers: “Take a look back at the process you have completed, at how far you have already travelled, Do not give up!”. That’s the exact moment of inspiration you were craving for, even if everybody else gives up, you won’t give up. You can’t go back, you gotta handle this and keep pushing.

Photo by Jason Toevs on Pexels.com

Your body begins to relax, the turbulence is decreasing little by little. And just like that, the airplane is in perfect balance in the air. The negative winds cannot stop it. You are almost there, you can feel it . The Captain is sending the signal, “it’s time to get ready for landing”.

The excitement replaces the tiredness. You made it, you are couple minutes away from seeing your destination right in front of your eyes. You did it! You have arrived at the place you were always meant to arrive.

white airplane window
Photo by Janiere Fernandez on Pexels.com

Just like this parable, your life is full of ups and downs. Daily you will find reasons for you to just give up.

If you keep focusing on the moments of vulnerability, you will lose hope. Sometimes turbulence rattles us so bad that we feel that we aren’t strong enough to continue. Now you are just seeing the storm, you may feel like there is no expectation in your heart, like you just had enough of fighting. But, do not give up! There is a destination already waiting for you.

airplane silhouette on air during sunset
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

From my balcony I get to see many airplanes going up in the sky at night. I wonder how secure the captain feels in his role, that not even the darkness of night discourages him/her from doing his/her job. The Captain trusts in knowing that no matter what in a couple hours or more he/she will arrive at their destination.

Can’t you do the same? Why can’t you trust your time and your abilities? You will succeed too, you are gonna make it, keep going .

Those that have given up on their dreams, live without excitement. They feel empty, tired of routines, trying to vanish the dreams in others because they already buried theirs. Be aggressive when it comes to your dreams, as long as you have dreams you will FEEL alive.

There is a destiny that has been written for you, you will see what is meant for you. If you do not abandon your dreams, if you keep fighting – life will keep rooting for you.

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