What is to be a good person

What’s the definition of being a good person? Well, this probably has a variety of answers. Is it being kind? Is it being nice? Is it following the wishes and suggestions of what everyone says you are suppose to do?

I have seen that the definition of being a good person changes depending on point of view. To tell the truth, most of the time almost everyone thinks they are good people. But, what makes you say that? Are you someone willing to help others without expecting anything in return? Are you willing to share what you have with others in need? Does this really makes you a good person?

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So, what does it mean to be a good person then? In MY personal opinion:

First, a good person is honest with her/ himself. What feels right to them, the morals and values for living they have set are not negotiable. They keep learning from others and from life experiences, but without losing themselves.

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A good person shows compassion all the time, and has the maturity of putting her/himself in someone’s else shoes. Although sometimes they get hurt while in the middle of such situations, they try to see things from an exterior perspective. And this doesn’t involve denying or rejecting her/his feelings at all. They cry when they feel the need to cry, laugh if they wish to, while allowing themselves to experience their feelings with freedom and acceptance. But at the end of the day, they confront adversity with maturity and compassion.

A good person practices forgiveness. They might feel unfairly treated, unappreciated, and probably feel unhappy with how things turned out – but their hearts will always make space to forgive the offense. This is who they are, they just love to sleep in peace, with a clean heart, not holding onto people or the past. They let it go from their hearts.

A good person is always truthful and firmly says NO when the answer is no. This person is unapologetic about her/his beliefs and values. They understand their values and they create boundaries of respect for themselves. They are not afraid of rejection because they are sure of what they want in life. They know that once you dishonor what you teach, you give away your value.

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A good person lives with integrity, whether in front other people or while being alone. It’s not about what everybody else thinks of them, it’s about what their internal judgement dictates. They are consistent between what they say and what they do.They are not willing to give up the integrity they have decided to follow as a rule of life.

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A good person always shows gratitude from the heart, for small or big things. Gratefulness is a norm of life. It is easy to be “grateful” or” thankful” when all goes well, but during bad times, when things get worse – a good person expresses in their behavior grounded gratitude. They have learned that life is full of ups and downs, people who fail you or betray your trust, situations that are out of control, etc. – they feel pain, but they manage to be thankful for every single experience, good or bad, because they know they must focus on the good.

A good person expresses love in their body language.Their behaviors, the way they talk, their friendship or the relationships they offer are filled with love – without having to necessarily convey it with words. They do all they do, just because it flows naturally from their hearts. They want everyone around them to feel happy and to smile. They are not expecting anything in return, they are selfless in all they do, because love is their essence. You just know you are loved and cared by them, and your memories about them are all full of love and total surrender of themselves for their beloved.

family doing a thanksgiving toasts
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A good person practices charity, not to receive compliments or praise, but because they feel a fire burning inside of their hearts to help others in need. Giving away material things, time, and providing spiritually and emotionally to others – not for applause, but because they love all of creation in the world. Sharing their blessings with others in need is the right thing to do. The statement of giving is how we receive lives within them.

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A good person doesn’t take advantage of others. Certainly they believe that what goes around comes around. They don’t take what is not for them, they don’t desire what others have, and they don’t step on others in order to get what they want. Although in some cases good people fall victim to others who are taking advantage of their generosity, they keep being generous not because people deserve it, but because of what is in their hearts. They don’t use people to obtain benefits, it just doesn’t feel right. They often don’t accept help because they feel that others are more in need, so they rather pass the blessing on to who really needs it.

A good person respects and lives by society’s laws, they respect authorities. They live under the law by respecting what society has established as bad – they don’t steal, commit crimes, etc. They contribute to creating a place where all human beings can coexist in peace and unity. They love the differences that make every society grow intellectually, economically, and spiritually. They accept and respect any race, religion, or belief that other individuals may have. A good person loves all of creation, and believes that we are all beautiful, and that no one is better than others.

Even tho what makes us a good person is in the eye of the beholder, I believe that all of these aspects can be seen in what every society calls “A good person”. We are not born being good people, but we learn how to become one. First, by what our parents and schools teach us. Later, when we are old enough to have our own reasoning, we build our morals and beliefs by choice.

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Today is a good day to start being the good person that you know you can be. Someone that loves instead of hates, a human that contributes to creating harmony and respect between all cultures and ethnicities. A person that succeeds in order to help others succeed – Someone that shares blessings selflessly.

Please, share your thoughts too!

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