Why be a good person

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If you are here it is because you are wondering if it is worth it, to be “A good person”. If you just simply look around, you won’t find reasons for why to be good. Let’s be honest, we are living in a broken world with broken people, where being “good” seems to be a disadvantage. So, why is it worthwhile to be good?

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People pay with bad the good you did, they are selfish, take advantage of others to get what they want, without measuring consequences.

The rule: “THINK ONLY ABOUT YOU” governs their hearts. Few pass by where there are needs, just look from a distance without feeling remorse or the need to share what they have to offer. Indifference is their day to day way of living. Others will only use you, as long as they can get a benefit from you – and once you are useless they just get rid of you without any regret. I mean, the world nowadays is scary, expensive, and self-centered.

If you don’t practice any belief that teaches that “being a good person” has a reward later on, you won’t want to be good. Definitely, sacrificing yourself in order to make the world a better place is out of the equation. Then, why would you be a good person?

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I will share with you 7 reasons:

1. You have a peaceful sleep. When was the last time you went to bed without a regret? With a smile in your face knowing that you are living a life without hurting anyone and that your purpose in this world is being done. Everyone sleeps, specially after a long day of work, when your body is tired – but how is the quality of your sleep? Are you happy with your life? With the human being that you are? Is life giving you honest reasons to smile with a clean and pure heart? Do you have any regrets in your heart? Do people around you truly love you, admire you and consider you someone trustworthy? What do the people that know you without a mask, think of you? Who are you when you are alone? …when no one is watching you? Do you like yourself?

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2. What goes around, comes around. Whether you believe in God, the universe, the law of attraction, or you believe nothing. One thing is certainly true, which has been witnessed through thousand of years… Life is a boomerang: “What you give is what you receive”. Some people will hurt you, lie to you, make fun of you without you deserving it. You would probably feel that life is unfair, that you didn’t deserve what happened to you; but you can trust me on this one: for every single thing you do, life will send you the payback bill. Good things happen to good people, life will always give you back reasons to overflow with joy.

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3. You are a source of love. There are fountains of love flowing from within you. People give what is in their hearts, you can’t fake love when you are alone. There is a big change in the way you live, you don’t need someone or a reason to feel loved and be happy. You have no codependency in others to fulfill yourself. That is why people like to be around you, and they can feel the love coming from you. You are like an oasis in the desert.

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4. You create a circle of healthy and honest relationships around you. There is a supernatural fragrancy in you that catches the best of humanity. People want to learn from you. You are constantly surrounded by people that offer their best, to build tribes with a common niche, to make a better world. You are never alone, people love you and support you from their hearts. Strong ties with friends, family, and lovers.

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5. Good doors are opened for you, without you knocking on them. It’s like you are always at the right place, at the right time. Uncountable blessings are coming your way without you doing anything to get them. Of course, there are bad moments, dark situations that cause you pain and hurt – but you are love, so you manage to forgive and let go. Allowing the flow of life, redirecting your path. And as if life wants to give you a reward for offering the best to others (regardless if they deserve it or not), opportunities filled with happiness keep standing in front of you.

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6. You are attractive and beautiful. I like a verse in the Bible that says: “A happy heart makes the face cheerful”. You don’t have to be christian to agree on this. The Spanish translation uses the word “Hermosea” which means ” beautify” in English. Good people have an extraordinary way to make others fall in love with them, to the point that you are so attractive to everyone. It’s not about your skin color, body shape, and all of those superficial beliefs. You will look gorgeous in front of all of those that have the opportunity of meeting you.

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7. You die in peace. Nobody likes to talk about death, it is like a dark conversation that immediately changes the mood of the room. But the reality is that death is the most certain thing that is going to happen to you. To die, you only need to be born. Then, are you leaving memories or scars on people’s hearts? How are people going to remember you? Are they remembering you with love and yearning? Do old friends, ex-coworkers, or classmates remember you with a smile on their faces? Are you remarkable for your wife, husband, or children? Are you a good example for the people you love? Good people leave hearts full of love and joy, regardless of time or distance, people often smile when they think of them.

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After reading this post, you probably realized that being a good person transcends borders, ethnic groups, cultures, or religious beliefs. It’s not about them, it’s about you, and who you want to be in a world that is hungry for kindness and love. Today is a wonderful day to be the best version of yourself. Do not give up on being a good person just because someone hurt you or broke your heart. You are valuable whether they can see it or not.

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