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Your everyday actions will leave a mark in this world. Even if you think these are small, they are making an impact in our ecosystem. You can help reduce climate change with small steps. You don’t need be an expert in the field, simply by buying and using eco-friendly products, you are already helping.

Disclaimer: This post is not being sponsored by any of the products listed. I just truly believe these are some of the best items available on the market. I understand that some eco-friendly products are very expensive, and buying these probably may be out of your budget – I don’t judge. But if you can, please do so, and contribute to creating a better world for future generations.

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Let me show you 7 must have and must try eco-friendly products:

  1. Stasher silicon bags ( If you are like me and you like carrying a bag of snacks, or make use of plastic bags to marinate meats or veggies, these are the best eco-friendly bags in the market. I’ve tried plenty different types and most of them rip easily – especially when you wash them. Do not waste your money on other brands because they may be cheaper, do yourself a favor and buy one bag that will last.

2. Beeswraps ( Once you try these, you won’t go back to what you are using. I tried using different brands of beeswraps, and these are the best. These last longer and the material is good quality.

3. Twist plant sponge ( This company has many types of products made from plants. You can find many multi-surface options for cleaning different rooms in your house.

4. Bite naturally toothpaste ( I have tried many “eco-friendly” toothpastes and to be honest, most of these taste so bad and didn’t leave my teeth feeling fresh and clean. These paste bits are awesome, and you can take them with you everywhere you go, even on flights. These taste very good, and are worth every penny.

5. Net zero Co stretch lids ( Every day we use too much plastic wrap, that later ends in the garbage – because it is not reusable. These lids will help to reduce the amount of plastic wrap you use.

6. Humble suds laundry soap ( Yes, I know this probably looks as a waste of money – but trust me, this is a good product. Not only are you helping the planet, but you are also helping your skin. Your washed clothes will be free of irritating chemicals.

7. Reusable shopping grocery bags EcoZoi ( Every time you bring your own bags when you go out for groceries, you are changing a bad habit that creates more waste and you are decreasing the excessive production of plastic bags.

When you use some eco-friendly products on a daily basis, you are not only reducing contaminants and garbage such as excess plastic – You are also protecting the planet and sea creatures, since most of our garbage ends up in rivers and oceans. Let’s make conscience of what for decades has been ignored. Nowadays, more and more people are working hard to make the best use of such products to eliminate pollutants from nature. You can become one of them by investing a little bit of money in eco-friendly products.

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