How to find your power.

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Sometimes we cry out desperately, wanting to automatically tele-transport ourselves to the place we dreamt we would be in life. Reality has hit you directly in the face, now you know that things can’t be changed just because you wish it. You have to work HARD for it. But, where do you get that strength from? Simply, by finding your power.

You are greater and more powerful than you actually think you are. When you go out and you fulfill your propose; no one can beat you up. When you are you, you will be powerful. No one can be you and that’s your power. Once you discover the uniqueness in you, your essence and your identity; you will become more creative about the life you are building up.

Do not waste time trying to be someone else, do not get wasted by “fixing” yourself to be someone that you were not supposed to be in the first place. You don’t need to have “followers”, or have a “successful” career, kids, a wife or a husband to be powerful. It’s scary to see what social media has set as a “powerful life”. None of that is real, the money and material things might be real, but that’s not what brings power to you.

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Then, how do you become powerful? The power is within you, in the confidence that you have in yourself. Let me share with you 7 things you need to practice in order to be powerful.

  1. Love yourself. Accept who you are, your age, your body, your life just like it is right now, and make the best of it. You don’t need to be older or younger in order to be more powerful. Today, just like you are right in this moment, you have everything you need to live most of your life without limits. If you feel unworthy you will be weak to find your destiny. Do not be against yourself, do not feel insecure or inferior: You are not lacking anything. Do you like yourself? You can’t be powerful unless you love yourself.
  2. Focus on your own journey. Don’t miss your own destiny by trying to run someone’s else race. Everyone was born to live a different destiny, their own paths, and yours will always be different. Be big enough to celebrate the success of others but do not lose focus. Give all the attention you need to go after your own journey, get to know yourself so well, that you are able to look only in your direction and let others enjoy their journey too. To be powerful you need to have a clear mind, focused on what you want for yourself.
  3. Choose the right people to surround you. Do not spend your energy and time with people that only drag you down in their misery. Surround yourself with people that can contribute to your growth, share dreams, and that wake up everyday ready to fight for their lives with enthusiasm. Run away from passive and negative people, they will only slow down your process. Sadly, some don’t like to see others move forward in life and change their situation through effort and hard work. In order to be powerful you need to hang out with people in the same vibe.
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4. Run away from distractions. You may need to spend good quality time alone, in order to organize your future plans, strategies, next steps, etc. Some people and activities are distractions; take a deep look at how you are spending your time. Getting distracted will slow down your progress in life. Spend time with your love ones, enjoy life, and have fun, but everything with the right limits. You don’t want to be careless when it comes to the life you are building for yourself. Being powerful means having control of your life and decisions; it requires discipline and wisdom.

5. Find the gifts you were born with. We all have specific abilities, gifts, or skills that are just natural to us. These gifts are qualities that are only for you. If you connect with them, life will set the line to walk towards your destiny. Some people feel powerless because they haven’t figured out their gifts. They go around in circles trying to find what their purpose in life is because they still don’t know themselves. A fish will always feel useless and powerless if it tries to be a bird, for example.

6. Be in the right place and in the right moment. Seek for the opportunities to happen. When you are working hard, giving your best, that’s when doors are opened. Passive people achieve nothing because they are too lazy to go the extra mile, they feel comfortable with doing just a little bit of effort. Once something requires effort, determination and spending a lot of time without seeing immediate results, they just give up before even trying. “Luck” is when preparation meets opportunity, there is no such thing as being powerful without continuously knocking on doors, even tho some get closed.

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7.Create smart goals. Powerful people set realistic goals and they analyze what skills, tools, or studies they might need to achieve the goals they have written down in order to live the “powerful’ life they dreamt. Track your progress, monitor every single step that is taking you closer to feeling satisfied about your life.

Being powerful is not about money, having a perfect life, or a marvelous family. To be powerful you need to be happy with the life you are living, meeting your own expectations about yourself. Being comfortable in your skin, with the lifestyle you have now, with the things you won and the things you lost, having peace with your past, present, and future. Trusting and valuing your capacity in every single area of life. Today is a good day to start practicing these 7 things powerful people do.

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