The power of your words.

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You can increase or decrease your own joy by how you talk. You can learn a lot of things about yourself simply by listening to the way you speak. The way we use words not only affects our actions but also our feelings, and more importantly our mental health.

The things we speak can make the path of life bright or can harm our destiny by the toxicity of our words. Your future and present are constantly being affected by your wrong talking. Words have power, so we must be careful when talking. When you speak negativity, you surround your life with grief.

Sometimes you hurt relationships, because no one wants to be next to someone who drains their energy with her/his misery. You may have many opportunities because many doors are being opened for you – however, due to your way of speaking, your mind has convinced you that you are not gonna make it, that those doors are not for you but for someone else.

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So, how do you know if you are a negative person? Are you someone that carries “bad news” all the time? A negative person is someone that speaks defeat, complaints, regrets, etc. Being negative not only means you are draining the willpower of others, it also means that you are not contributing to the collective development of those around you. Other times, people that get stuck in life are also negative people, because they are not moving forward, they try to delay the growth in others.

When someone is pessimistic, weak, or gloomy, they usually find flaws and faults in everything and everyone. If you live your life constantly murmuring, complaining, and regretting, you are living a sour and lonely life. All of this is because of the way you are using your mouth. The more you complain the more you get stuck in that situation.

Words are vessels of power, they carry positive or negative energy. What you expect is what you attract. The more you spend time blathering, the more you start to believe that life has no more to offer.

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No one is born speaking negatively or positively. It’s a language that is learned, first at home from your parents or the people around you, and then from society. If you grew up in a negative household, where your parents or relatives were always complaining, speaking defeat or abusive speech, etc.; now that you are all grown, chances are that your subconscious is bringing to the surface all the words you were taught.

Do not condemn yourself if you were raised in this kind of environment. We think we are right until someone proves us wrong. The pattern seems familiar and we end up believing it’s normal. However, the worst thing you can do is let yourself stay this way. On the other side, there is the optimistic way of living.

Trust me, we spend so many years of our lives unlearning what we learned when we were kids. You can start over, leaving behind the negativity. Most of the time we don’t even realize that we are submerged in the un-enthusiasm and apathy. The good news is that times are changing, parenthood is changing, science is developing day by day, and current scientific studies prove we were wrong about our way of thinking from 30 or 50 years ago.

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Speak words of life. You have a warrior mindset inside of you. No one wakes up everyday feeling positive. The reality is that not all days are good, some days suck. But you can always shift your way of thinking and as a result the words coming out of your mouth will change too. Speak out loud, calling the good things that are not yet a reality in your life, as if they already exists and are in front of you.

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Where you focus is, your mind follows and your mouth speaks it. If no one ever taught you how to speak words of love, kindness, and power; today is your day to learn a new language. Love yourself enough to submerge yourself in an ocean of powerful words. Choose wisely what are the words you are gonna talk to others, and specially what you will say about yourself.

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