7 benefits from a little bit of time away

Don’t you feel as though you are in need of a quiet and lonely place for a bit? Isn’t fair to take some time to spend it alone with yourself ?

There are moments in life where your inner body begs you to take a moment for releasing the weight on your shoulders. Life happens, we get stuck in the routine and the responsibilities, that sometimes it’s really hard to set a time only for yourself.

For example, if you are a mom: people will try to convince you that you are selfish if you are focusing on yourself when your kids need their mom right next to them because they are still kids. If you are wife it’s the same thing, people will let you know that you can’t be selfish, otherwise your husband will feel lonely and find someone else to be his company… and if you are an entrepreneur, people will let you know that you can’t lower your guard, otherwise your business will fail.

Seems like we are living in a society that doesn’t allow people to take a breath and spend time with themselves.

Spending time alone has a lot of benefits, but let me share with you 7 important benefits:

1. You learn more about yourself. It might sound cliche, but this is really the truth. Some people don’t like to be alone (with no friends, no phone, no tv, no distractions) because they are afraid of facing their reality- the one you cover up with your routines and distractions. When you are alone, your inner nature shows you like a movie what you have done with your life and what you are doing now. This may sound scary, but it provides you with the opportunity to create a new life plan for yourself.

2. You heal past wounds. The more you spend time with your mind and soul, the more you will find those little wounds that were not healed yet. Sometimes it’s easy to pass the page and think that we are ok because we are not crying or we are not concerned about it anymore. Some wounds are hidden in the deepest part of our hearts, and this is why some days we feel like crying without really knowing why. We also experience a “lost feeling”, like there is something missing inside of us. So take some time to heal.

3. You reconnect with your destiny. Life constantly sends signals to let you know that you are missing your shot. Loud cities, busy days, and routines take away our 6th sense, which helps us read messages from universe. When we are not living our destiny, we feel unhappy and empty with the life we are living. Search for your path.

anonymous person walking on wet sandy beach
Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com

4. You get to know the people around you. When you are alone, you have time to take a look at the people surrounding you. You may then realize that some of these people are stealing your energy and joy. You might love them so much, but if you just see things clearly, you will find that some are just there to bring down your optimism with their negativity, while others don’t contribute to your growth. Being alone will show you where you are standing and help you choose wisely who are the people you really need in your life .

5. Your creativity will flourish. You will find yourself doing stuff you thought you would never do, or discovering some gifts that you didn’t know you had. You start new hobbies, learn new stuff and suddenly life becomes more entertaining.

6. You learn to appreciate your family and your blessings a bit more. When you are alone, melancholy knocks at the door. It takes you back to the past, where you were smiling next to your relatives; those special moments where time seemed eternal. You will smile and feel happy, this will make you count your blessings and will fill your heart with joy and gratefulness.

7. You learn to love and to take better care of yourself. You feel the need to work out, to do your nails, or to go to the salon and get a new haircut. A new version of yourself is opening to the world, and with this you will find time to give yourself more healthy food, enjoy some mediation, treat yourself to a fancy spa day or just have that snack you always wanted to have. It’s amazing the joy you will feel when you love and pamper your body and soul.

If you heart feels heavy today, or if you are starting to complain about everything and everyone, it’s probably a sign of your body asking you to have a meeting with yourself. When it comes to your well-being, it’s good to be selfish once in a while. Take time to do all those things you always put in pause to take care of others. Release your mind from your responsibilities and give to yourself the best moment to talk with that little girl/ boy that is in need of attention. Life is beautiful and you deserve to have a little time away.

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