How to Manifest Anything You Want

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man·i·fes·ta·tion: The action or fact of showing an abstract idea. Have you seen “Manifestation” everywhere lately. Perhaps you’ve seen the famous “Law of attraction” in most social media. Well, this is not a post like those you see trending. Come on, you won’t get rich just because you want it or simply by writing 55 times in a paper for 5 days straight. Let’s be real, who doesn’t like fairy tale stories? However, life is a real hustle where those that dream high and work hard achieve those things that they desire.

Please, allow me to explain myself. Manifestation is not a fantasy where you declare or decree the same thing for hours and days to make it happen. True manifestation is about working hard with faith for those dreams that you have. It is believing that something that doesn’t yet exist or has not happened, is almost right there for you. It’s believing it is real even tho you still can’t touch it, that you have it and it’s yours.

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Where does that faith comes from? Well, from knowing what you really want and from fulfilling your obligations to make it happen. Is there something supernatural helping you to achieve it? Yes, there is. The supernatural power, call it what you want, whatever your beliefs are (in my case, it is GOD), will work in your favor if you are doing your best.

The internet is full of lies about how to make “contracts with the universe”, so that it will give you what you ask for. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t work like that. The universe won’t send you something that you desire just by doing some rituals to “attract it”, or God will not automatically give you “that”, just by doing simple thousands of prayers or by “seeding” your money. Whether you believe in God or the universe, both will ask for you to work hard and do your part.

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Do you understand? You do the natural and He/the universe does the supernatural. Let me ask you, what are you offering? What are you expecting to receive according to your efforts? Are you asking for things based on greed? Are you asking for things from selfishness? If so, chances are that you won’t receive what are you asking for. You can’t expect God/or the universe to work with you when you are coming from a place of poor feelings. Greed, avarice, selfishness, these are qualities that indicate shortage in your heart.

In order to truly manifest:

1.You want to be that which you desire. We attract and call to our lives what we really offer. If you are a bad person you will bring misery to your life, if you are selfish you will end up feeling lonely. But, if you are love, you will have more of it. So, can you be that which you are asking to receive?

2. Carefully select what you really want. We wish plenty of things that we would like to have. However, you need to focus on that which burns a fire inside of you. Out of those 10 things, which is the one you really want in your life right now? Focus on it, and work hard doing your part to make it happen. Then let God/universe decide the end of the story, what was written for you will happen and find its ways to you.

3. Feel gratitude for what is in your hands right now. Feel and love your present, express gratitude for life and for what you can touch right now. Wants and needs are two different things. If you can’t be grateful now, without having “that”, you won’t feel gratitude even if you obtain it afterwards. As one of my favorite Bible verses says:

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much”

4. Speak as if you own it, visualize it. Fill yourself with words of power, trusting in your abilities to make it happen. Trust the times and that doors will be opened for you to make it real. It’s already done for you, it’s a matter of time, soon you will be living it. Everything is working for your good, you deserve it. All that effort, hard work, and sacrifice are finally paying off.

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Today is a wonderful day to manifest your dreams. You are capable of dreaming because you can conquer your hopes. Do not give up, at some point without you noticing, opportunity will knock at your door with an extravagant message saying: “HERE IT IS, THIS IS ALL YOU BUILT FOR THE PAST MONTHS”

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