Give yourself the opportunity to start over

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I have this theory that as long as you have a pure heart, things will always find you. You won’t need to desperately search for them, when you heart is ready to receive it, they will just come to find you.

Life is full of surprises, good and bad things happen. However, life is always willing to give you what you believe you deserve. Sometimes you don’t receive all those things you wish because you are insecure about whether you can take them or not. Life is simple, when you are open to love and take care of what it offers you; suddenly they knock on your door.

There is a verse of the Bible that I like very much (you don’t need to be a Christian to believe this), it says: “But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.” James 1:6

We spend so much time asking life for chances and when it finally responds, doubts also come in the way. Doubt is the enemy of the dreamers. Of course, new open doors make us shaky, feel insecure, and scared of making a mistake. But it is your pure heart, that will lead you to make the best decision.

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When you make decisions out of anger, jealousy, envy, revenge, or coming from a dark place, you can’t expect a positive result. The story is completely different if you are coming from your heart. The beauty of life is: “it doesn’t look at your actions, it looks at your heart”

It will have a positive outcome, if there is something extraordinary going on. You don’t know what that is. There is this overwhelming feeling in your chest that you don’t get to understand; if it’s that you are scared or you are excited. Trust your intuition, even if your mind says the opposite; you are on the right path, if you are smiling more than usual, if you can’t wait to live it.

The truth is this, whenever the universe sends you something that is meant to happen, all the pieces will fall into place. There will be this assurance that it was meant for you, meant to happen because it’s the right time. It might not happen as you thought it would, but it’s happening and it’s now or never.

You now have the right to decide if you are willing to take it, putting your insecurities away, getting the confidence you need in yourself; trusting in the capacity you have to make your own decisions.

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Perhaps you are not the only one who needs it. It is possible that all the parts included needed each other. It may be that this job, that school, the internship, or “this person” were also waiting for you to find it. You gotta trust time, time will always show you the way. People with low confidence are double minded, they are indecisive, and therefore they live frustrated with life and with themselves. They don’t live boldly, they live little, narrow lives, they miss out on the big-rewards that these open doors provide.

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Don’t waste your time overthinking about something that you already decided you want to experience. You won’t have regrets, because whether things go well or bad, all those experiences are worthwhile. Life is now, life is giving you a new opportunity to smile, enjoy, and to create new memories. It doesn’t have to “look perfect” to be perfect. Do not add more fluff, just breathe and go for it.

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