The Lies we believe

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“There are two different types of people in the world. Those who want to know and those who want to believe”- Fredrich Nietzsche.

The truth is ugly but liberating. Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed. But what illusions? The expectations they have created in their minds for someone else.

Why is that we rather believe a lie than facing the truth? The world in general feels attracted to lies. A lie can buy a fake “happiness”. We rather believe a lie because we are afraid of accepting the failure. Believing a lie gives us the perfect excuse to accommodate ourselves to a fake reality, because we don’t feel ready to grow up, to start again from zero, or simply assimilate a truth that we have to change the direction of our life.

Simultaneously holding on to a couple of beliefs that are totally opposite and believing that both are true lead to a life in chaos. You must choose your own single truth of facts and face it with courage. We all lie to protect ourselves from the consequences of the truth, because the truth can lead to conflict and may end up hurting us.

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A liar doesn’t need someone to believe his/her lies, just as someone that wants to believe a lie doesn’t need proof to believe it. Sometimes we decided to believe a lie in order to avoid the confrontation with the liar, because it will lead to a broken relationship, to losing privileges, or to walk away from a dream you had. We believe lies to protect ourselves, not by innocence.

A lie that is accepted carries a longed-for truth. There is no truth in those who speak falsehood, because it is natural to them. There are a lot of lies that we believe, and some of us have been listening to so many lies our whole life that without knowing it, we end up refusing to listen to the truth.

The ones carrying the bad seeds are usually the people that are supposed to love us unconditionally. They speak their minds to us in a hurtful way and we believe and accept those harsh words. If we listen to the same words over and over, and long enough they might convince you that all you heard about yourself was the truth.

Some examples of lies that live in our hearts are :

  1. It doesn’t do any good to stand up for yourself because it won’t change the way the other sees you.
  2. You are not worth loving because you have made “too many mistakes” in life and someone like you doesn’t get “happy endings”.
  3. You are a troublemaker, not worth anything, a nobody.
  4. You will always need someone else to rescue you, to lift you up.
  5. You are not enough.
  6. You won’t make it, people like you do not succeed.
  7. You are hopeless and you will always ruin whatever good that happens to you.
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When you don’t hear words such as “you are good”, “you are worthwhile”, and when there is no one to encourage you; if you are constantly hearing criticism, this will further convince you that you are a failure. These comments lead to a stronghold in your mind, making it difficult for you to know your full potential.

This is your time to know the truth, because the truth will set you free. Don’t let the past destroy your future. You are loved, no matter how bad the truth seems to be, it will bring out the best of you. Don’t be afraid of stopping to believe in lies, there is no worse agony than that which is bit by bit. You didn’t have the courage to stand up for yourself before, but now you can and you will. The magic of a new start, the passion for achieving those goals that you thought were not meant for you. Stop making up some reasons not to wage war with the sincere. Get rid of this mentally that lying is a form to remain in peace.

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