The truth that you own

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Well, the absolute truth does not exist. Your truth is the way you EXPOSE your vision about life and the world. Every person owns their own truth, and “this” truth has a value, a personal preference. Sometimes the truth, it adapts to the cultural background, family values, or experiences that changed your point of view.

Can the truth be changed? Is the truth universal? I still wonder about that. For now, what I DO know is that truth belongs to you and whatever contradicts it, it is a lie. The truth is incompatible: a truth for you and a truth for me. Just think about it, if there was ONE ONLY TRUTH, there wouldn’t be wars, so many religions, or broken relationships.

I mean, we live in a broken world, and this is exactly why: we are humanly selfish. We “want” everyone to think like us, to behave like us, to do what we “think” is the right thing to do. We want the rest of the people to own our truth, but this is not how life works. If we learn how to respect others’ point of view, how their truth works, why they believe in what they believe, we would live in a peaceful world, we would create better strings with others, and society would be in a warm harmony and relationships would work better. Therefore, we would be happier people.

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What’s in reality the truth? The truth is that which fits with the facts or the reality that you possess. The truth is consistent with your mind, your will and your character as a person. The truth is a self-revelation of what is inside you, it is subjective and pragmatic. If we could all possess the same truth, there would not be so many disputes and disagreements. There wouldn’t be so many broken hearts, and so many misunderstandings.

The truth is complete, total and without errors for those who possess it. But the truth CAN NEVER BE ONE. We need to acknowledge, if we want to be happy in our time in this life. To learn to respect, we need to understand and try to be inside of someone’s else mind, this would make your life easier and happier.

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Although your truth is what you defend, proclaim to believe and the way you live, the truth is not abstract for every human – it is black or white. Trying to change others’ mind, opinions, beliefs, etc, will only wear you down emotionally and mentally. It will take you to a lonely and isolated place. Keep your own truth, but respect others.

Defending your truth is not about being an interesting person. Also, it is not living in negation. The truth is neither your personal emotions or your intuitions.

Truth sets you free, it break chains that oppress you and make you believe that you should be loyal ONLY to your beliefs. Letting people know and understand your truth in a peaceful way will cleanse and purify your heart and make yourself available to others. Showing your vulnerability to others, showing your naked insides in front of others, is a sign of courage, and admiration. Being honest with who you are and what you believe in requires courage.

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Take with humbleness the opportunity to expand your horizons through learning about the truth of others. There are people that will come to your life to show you their truth, showing you how enormous, unreachable, and underestimated living can be. Learning from people , taking the good from them, will teach you how to appreciate every single person that you’ve crossed paths with. It will make your brain explode, shaping it in a better symmetry. Life is beautiful and so are people.

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