It’s time for moving forward

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Are you feeling stuck in life? Do you feel like you are watching a movie where everybody else is moving forward, building up their life up, and you are there sitting exactly in the same place, with the same feelings you felt months or years ago? If you answered yes, your time is up. Life has been knocking on your door for long enough, to let you know it’s time to move on.

Sometimes we are just afraid of the unknown. Not knowing what’s gonna happen with our future scares us way too much, to the point that we’d rather stay in the same place, even if we feel unhappy.

You might find good and credible excuses to justify why you are still there, when you know that the time that you were supposed to spend in that position has expired. Unhealed emotions that come from unhealthily closing cycles have kept you a prisoner of your past. An important aspect of the healing process is to find the courage to move beyond our pain.

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I get it, closing chapters in life brings with it losses. Whatever you are leaving behind. it’s not a loss, but an unexpected experience that will work for your good in the future. There is no way to avoid all the hurt we face in life, but we can decide that we won’t let it keep us from moving ahead.

Although there are various understandable reasons to stay stuck in the pain, you gotta move forward. Perhaps, you are deeply wounded, and I understand your pain. I know you are sitting in the same place they left you, with your soul covered in scars. Waiting for those who hurt you to come and apologize, to come and “fix” what they broke within you; hoping that their apology will help you pass the page. Sadly, life doesn’t work like that. Probably, they don’t even notice you, they keep living as if you don’t exist, ignoring your pain. Life has passed and the unfairness feeling, the desire for revenge to see them paying for the damage they caused you, won’t set you free and help you go on.

It’s in your hands. Only you can help yourself; you decide to either join in the group of people moving forward, and go with what’s happening now, or stay behind, stuck in bitterness, resentment, and pain.

Why are you staying stuck in your pain? Has the wound become your identity? Or are you using it to justify your unreasonable actions? Maybe you don’t feel strong enough to move forward, or maybe your self-image has been damaged to the point that you have no confidence in yourself and to believe that the best is yet to come, if you only you move into something new. Make peace with the past, accept the present as what it is, find resignation in your soul that if you need to keep pushing it, even tho you are being consumed, just to “make it ” work, then it’s not there anymore.

If you are asking yourself, when is the right time to move forward. Let me give you simple examples:

1. When you feel that the only reason for you to stay is the fear of the unknown.

2. When you can no longer grow as a person.

3. When you feel deep inside you that there is something better waiting for you out there.

4. When the current situation makes you feel like you are not good enough.

5. When you have lost all your joy and motivation for life.

6. When you know you have given and tried your best, and it is not working anymore.

7. When you know inside of you that it’s the best for all the parties involved.

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Life seems to be unfair, but if you focus on the good happening right now, you might realize that life is putting in front of you people, new doors, and new opportunities. Why don’t you stop focusing on the bad, sad and unfair things that happened to you and see world with a new perspective. Your past is your experience, the place you are coming from is the fuel for the fire you need to create new plans and a new chapter in life.

Life is beautiful, do not waste more time. The future is uncertain, but that’s the meaning of life: to walk blindly, knowing that what was was written for you, will happen. Life won’t wait, do not wait for others to create your world.

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