Be a Ruler

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Self-doubt? Sorry, goodbye. Limited thinking? Eh, sorry-goodbye. Self-pity and polluted thoughts? Au revoir. Who are you spending time with? Who are you listening to? Quit spending time with ENERGY SUCKERS.

Do you have people like that in your life? Those that dwell on the negative things that have happened to them, and then they come over to you trying to convince you to see world in a negative way. Life is hard enough to be adding more negativity. Walk away from them, they won’t level up your life, and on the contrary – they will try to drag you down in their misery. You don’t need them!

Getting rid of the wrong people will bring the right people to your life. You are a ruler, you came to this world to beat giants, not to be defeated or to be dwelling on your past. If they are not pushing you up, reminding you how capable you are to achieve all those goals, if they don’t speak your same “positive-dreamer” language and help you build up those dreams that you shared with them – then, you don’t need them. You were born to conquer your world.

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As simple as it sounds, if they don’t see your value or if they are all polluted in their words, small-minded, and defeated – instead of adding to your life, they will suck your energy. They will stop you from bringing out the best of you. Do not hang around with them.

You rule your world, you rule your day. You are a ruler, not a copycat. You own a space that only belongs to you, that includes your thoughts, your words, your dreams, your goals, and your emotions. Are you sharing your day or including the right people in your space?

You become like the people you hang around with.So choose wisely.

Pick the people you add to your life mindfully, some come to show you a bright world, while others just get stuck you. You know, stagnant water is useless. Are you stuck where you are at? If the people surrounding you are not going places, but are rather living unhappy lives, they are not helping you. Get rid of the poison.

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To change your life, you only need to be questioning who you are and not how you are going to make it.

The “how” comes along the way when you are moving, when you are flowing in life. But the “who” is the one defeating obstacles. It’s important to know who you are, how capable you are and how smart you are, so that you can rule your life. When you know who you are, you are powerful and you can beat giants. Do not dwell on what didn’t work out, remember who you are and how far you have come.

Do you have some special memory that reminds you of your capacity? I do.

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When I was in college, there was this professor that for some reason didn’t like me at all. He would make every single class with him miserable. He seemed to hate me for no reason. This was one of the last classes to finish my bachelor’s degree, and during exams he would just become a monster when scoring my exercises. No matter how hard I tried, he would always find reasons to not let me pass.

He literally looked at my eyes and said: you won’t graduate, as long as I am here. That boosted me up like crazy. For over a month I slept only 1-3 hrs a day and spent the rest of my time studying. I went to the library and searched for every single book that referred to this class, and worked on all the example problems (exercises).

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When the final exam came, I had to get an 89 out of 100 to pass this class. By then I was dying of exhaustion, and the only thing that kept me alert was the desire of proving this professor wrong. My strong-will was the one giving me the energy and focus for this “impossible” goal. I scored 97 out of 100, it was unbelievable, for a moment, even I couldn’t believe it. I did it, I cried holding my exam, I still have it at my father’s house. Every time I feel like I won’t make it, I see this exam, remember all of this. Then once again, I remember who I am, and how capable I am.

I hope you also have memories like this, which remind you of how far you have gone when you are focused and determined. You have greatness in you, you are a ruler, do not settle for less. Yes you can, and you will. As long as you believe in yourself and surround your life with positive people, you will make it!

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