How to not give up

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While many aspects of our lives are beyond our control, how you deal with them is your decision – a decision that you make every day of your life. Giving up, is a choice.

When do you know it’s wiser to give up than to keep going? Simple answer: when there is no peace in your heart. As long as you are not losing your peace, then you’ve gotta keep trying. Do not give up.

There is a huge difference between feeling tired or exhausted, and feeling uneasy and without peace. Tiredness is a part of “moving forward”, it’s normal to feel like taking a break when you are doing the best you can with what you have, to gain what you are craving for. Without being resilient and perseverant, you will never culminate a goal in life.

Actually, if you are not feeling exhausted while working hard for something you really want, then you are not doing your best. Making an effort every day is the only way to overcome difficulties and gain the strength you need to succeed.

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Have you ever noticed that the most satisfying things in life are the things we have worked hard for? What comes easy, easily goes too. Achieving goals, dreams, or life projects, while putting all your body, heart, and spirit into it; is the key to experiencing fullness in life.

When you are feeling tired or without motivation, listen to your body. Get some rest, recharge, and then keep going. Do not give up. NOT GIVING UP is a mentality, an attitude you get by practicing daily.

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Live a day at a time, do not get overwhelmed by thinking way too far ahead. Sometimes, we lose motivation because we are focused on the reward, instead of the process. Those who focus on the end of the run, are the ones in a rush. The worse decisions in life are the ones made in a rush. When you act recklessly, desperate to get out of the way quickly or escape a situation that stresses you, you will regret it later on. Calm down, do not give up.

Life is not about starting something out of emotions, but rather about staying determined and finishing what we started. All the good, positive, and rewarding things that have happened to us in our life are usually those that started with difficulty. These seemed troublesome, unreachable, and you got discouraged.

This is where life rewards those who are patient and didn’t give up; and punish those who abandoned it when things turned dark. Those who gave up, will always live with the “what if”, and those who stayed and fought till the very end, will live in peace.

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If you didn’t give up, but on the contrary tried hard – if with tenacity you gave it your best, and things didn’t turn out as you would like them to, you will and can have peace and move on. That’s just fine, you don’t need to feel bad, don’t get downhearted because you did everything that was in your power. Here is where losing is actually winning.

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There are situations where your ego and pride will make you feel like you have failed, but this is a misunderstanding. You didn’t fail, you actually won. Sometimes losing will give you the victory in the long term, and with time you will understand why it didn’t work out. There is always something bigger and better waiting for you around the next corner. DO NOT GIVE UP!

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