C’est la vie

Photo by Jonathan Valette on Pexels.com

“Yesterday when I was young, the taste of life was sweet as rain upon my tongue. I teased at life as if it were a foolish game. The way the evening breeze may tease a candle flame. The thousand dreams I dreamed, the splendid things I planned. I always built, alas, on weak and shifting sand. I lived by night and shunned the naked light of day, and only now I see how the years ran away”- Charles Aznavour

Isn’t it amazing how fast life goes by? Are you living the life you always dreamt of living? Are you happy? What are the feelings inside of you when you look back at your past years? Do you regret something? Do you feel pain? Perhaps remorse? After you pass away, will the people around you smile when they remember you?

Photo by jonas mohamadi on Pexels.com

Sometimes we do collateral damage to others or deeply hurt ourselves in our way to discover who we truly are and what we are going to stand for in life. Ever so often you will feel like you wish you could go back in time and undo what you already did, but do not go down that road. Even if you screw it up very badly, know that THIS IS LIFE.

Life is made of short but special memories. I do hope that after I am gone, the ones that once had the opportunity to cross paths with me will remember me as a “good, kind, and happy person” that also made many mistakes.

Life is full of mistakes, good and bad decisions happen every day but that is not actually a bad thing – as long as you learn the lesson and fix the way you have been living. It’s beautiful when you learn how to offer compassion to others when they hurt you, because you are able to offer that to yourself every time you inflict damage on yourself with the wrong decision you made.

C’est la vie, that’s life. We are all learning how to live properly for the first time. Be kind, go the extra mile with others, but specially with yourself. Allow others and yourself to make mistakes. Live life to the fullest, smile as much as you can, make others laugh, and make them feel like they can always count on you. Forgive fast because one day you may also need forgiveness too. Enjoy every moment of this life, this is all you have. Forget the past, live in the present, carefully think about your future, but do not get obsessed with it.

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