How to get a new mindset

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Someone once said: “In the end, only three things will matter. How much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of the things not meant for you.”

It all starts with the way you see things, the way you process your emotions.Your life is easier with smart decisions, the more you complicate your way through this world, the more unhappy you will live. Everything starts here: your mindset.

Mindset is a word that is trending nowadays, you will find it everywhere.But do people really know what mindset really is? How to have a good mindset? A healthy mindset? You can’t live a positive life with a negative mindset.

Hey, I get it. Life throws some curve balls that are not easy to take in, things happen that are unfair, some disillusions are not easy to overcome. People you trusted betrayed you, you blindly loved the wrong person, or your loved ones, that were supposed to love and help you, failed you, etc. I know, you have the right to be upset and be bitter. How is it even possible to have a “right mindset” when life has showed you the worse. I said, I get it.

However, life is to live fully. You either live in bitterness and all defeated, or you rise up and live in happiness. Happiness is related to your state of mind, the more your mind is at peace the happier you are. In order to have peace you will have to learn how to create a new mindset.

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Let me humbly share with you 7 steps to help you get a new mindset:

  1. Change the way you see yourself. If you don’t see yourself the way you really are, you will always have a distorted self-image. You won’t succeed in overcoming your bad thoughts as long as you keep a negative self-image. For example, if you are struggling with an addiction, as long as you see yourself addicted and defeated, and spend the rest of your days like that, you’re staying that way. It doesn’t matter how good the treatment or the professionals helping you are, if you don’t see yourself whole, clean, restored, and if you don’t change the way you see yourself, your will power won’t overcome the situation.
  2. Choose to be happy. As I always repeat in my posts, happiness is a decision you get to make everyday in your life. Good and bad things will always get in your way, you will meet good and bad people, but don’t let these vulnerable moments take over your life. Feel the pain, grieve, and then let it go.
  3. Don’t get caught in the distraction. Negative thoughts are addictive, the more you cultivate these, the more bitter you become. Think of negative thoughts as distractions, you don’t need these, these are making you waste your time. You are talented, and smart. You’re equipped for the best. It’s never too late to start over, shake it off, and move on. No more wandering mind.
  4. Be comfortable with not knowing some things. You don’t need to have it all together, you don’t need to figure it out before every single next step. Don’t lose sleep thinking how things are going to work out, just know that you are always going to be ok no matter what, because you are a difference maker. You always know how to solve things for the best, trust yourself. You don’t need to always have the answer, it’s ok if you don’t know how you are going to make it. Find peace in knowing that you can trust yourself, you won’t let yourself down.
  5. Expect bigger. Expect the best outcome from every situation, expect the best from others. If you trust someone and they prove you wrong, that’s ok. You will overcome it. But don’t live your live always thinking bad of others, or expecting the worse.
  6. A turnaround is coming your way. You are having a bad moment, not a bad day. You are having a bad situation, not a bad life. Sadness won’t last forever, pain is not permanent. Your past is not who you are, your mistakes taught you a lesson-these are not hunting you. Don’t let bad experiences or the way you were raised set the limits for your life. You are big, don’t see yourself as small. You have greatness within you, this too shall pass. For every negative situation, there is a positive way out.
  7. Take the limits off yourself. Get your hopes up! Don’t hide your gifts, you are powerful when you believe in yourself. Work hard and believe that a new dimension is being opened for you, to gain a limitless mindset. There is nothing that can stop you when you decide to be strong and fight with all that you have.

Please, share your thoughts too!

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