How to stop running from your fears.

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Large amount of our fears come from not knowing who we are, what we want or what we deserve. Sometimes fears come from not wanting to accept a reality or facing emotions or are the result of negative past experiences.

What do you fear? What is that which is poisoning your soul? Mine? Uncertainty. I also fear a lot of things, I too get sleepless at night. What I fear the most is not knowing what is coming next. I fear not having control of my next step. Then, I surrender. I surrender to life, I surrender to destiny. Life has taught me that every time that I lose emotional stability, as long as I keep giving my best, things eventually fall into place. And that which I was treasuring so much, becomes smaller and insignificant compared to what life had in store for me.

You may lose things or people that you treasured, when you decide to be brave enough to face your fears. Keep going, Do not let the fear be the protagonist of your life.

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NOTE: Fear is a manageable emotion, but being ” Scared” is a different thing. When you are scared, you are unable to take action, you feel powerless. If the emotion is stopping you from doing stuff, you may want to seek for professional help. Let me share with you what works for me to stop running from my fears.

  1. Recognize who you are. You are not defined by how you were raised or by the mistakes you’ve made. DO NOT WEAR LABELS. You fear, when you lose sight of who you are and what you’re capable of. You have everything you need to fulfill your destiny.
  2. Circumstances change and that is OK. You fear, because you don’t accept what’s coming with a fearless attitude. Remember, you don’t get value out of how people treat you or how much money you make. Neither out of your achievements. It is important to know that because when circumstances change, those things also can change. Changes are good, life has a way to surprise you. Trust and smile, all is gonna be ok.
  3. Nothing can’t stop you. Doors might be closed, or people have left you. You fear because things didn’t work out the way you thought they were going to. Then, what? Those things won’t stop you, you won’t go down because of that. Those doors that are now closed were keeping you from your destiny. Stay in courage, past experiences are not permanent. New doors will be opened, they are waiting for you to come through.
  4. Get your fire back. Life is one of those games where you can only move forward. You can’t live your life to the maximum unless you accept the fact that it will come to an end one day. There are no trials, you only get one opportunity for each door that opens for you. You either take it or lose it. What if you fail? That is fine, you will overcome it. DO NOT FORGET TO LIVE, make the most of it. Where are you investing your energy in? Love your life, you deserve to live, to experience.
  5. If it doesn’t fit, it’s not your size. If you have to force it, if you have to change who you are, your personality, your preferences, your passion or dreams, then it’s not your size. You fear, because you feel insecure where you are standing. You fear because what you are receiving it’s not what you deserve. You’re wearing somebody else’s clothes, you’re losing confidence because it doesn’t suit you. Sometimes the wiser action is to take it off, remove it. Walk away from what doesn’t come naturally and you will stop feeling fear.
  6. Make a decision. There has to be a resolution and a dead line. I once heard that every decision in life is a door key, that allows you to get in. There has to be a commitment out of your heart. You fear because you are afraid of failure, but success is progress. You don’t build an empire in a day, it is the sum of repeating actions made day by day. Choose to be happy regardless of the result.
  7. Be brave. The image that you have of yourself will be the motivation to take action. Perseverance is crucial to stop being afraid. Jump off of your confort zone there is nothing in there for growth, You are stronger than you seem.

Today, the sky is the limit if you believe it in your heart. Do not lose hope in yourself, fear is just another obstacle in your way. On the other side of the fear is the reward.

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