Why buy organic

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Let me start this post by saying that I don’t believe that to understand why it is so important to buy organic, you need a college degree or studies on this topic.

In this post, I will simplify it. Let me explain what happens to the soil when the produce is NOT organic.

Going organic is something more meaningful than a “trending lifestyle”. This goes beyond eating healthier products to improve the overall wellness of your body. We also need to consider what is going to happen to our planet if we keep overusing the land and contaminating it with harmful fertilizers.

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Plants needs so little to grow – carbon dioxide, sunlight, water and nutrients from the soil. But the problem that we are currently facing all around the world, which got worse over the past 10 years or so, is that quantity of agricultural fields is increasing to keep up with the high demand of products.

Every single product is a gift from earth, that’s what they’re there for. However the issue comes up when we consume out of season products in excessive quantities.

Still, this is not the biggest problem. Another issue is that most of our agricultural fields need groundwater for irrigation – but it has become a very limited resource.

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What’s groundwater? As the word implies, its water that is under the ground. Some of you might know this, but let me expand this a bit .

Fresh water is only ~3% of the available water in the world. Out of this 3%, close to 30% is underground water – representing the biggest reserve of fresh water that we have in the whole world!

Then, if we keep up our bad management of this water, we are gonna face terrible consequences in just a couple years – with luck maybe in decades.

Underground water is under the soil. Therefore, if the soil its contaminated, so is the water. This water follows a cycle – it is constantly flowing and ends up connecting with the rivers and oceans. Do you get why this is so bad? Exactly! If the water is polluted, our animals, our food supply, and all of nature are affected too.

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Did you know that to produce 1-Ton of rice (2000 pounds), we need to use 2000 m3 of water (2,000,000 Liters of water). How much rice do you consume in your house per year? How much is consumed in your city? in your country? Now do the math for the whole world. Every product that comes from nature needs water, it is part of the cycle of water.

Soil management treatments can be done to help our groundwater – but guess what? these treatments tend to be expensive. That is why so many agricultural companies do not want to go organic. But… why do you think their products are cheaper?

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

Don’t be a part of the problem, BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION. GO ORGANIC.

Next time you go to shopping , remember what we learned today. Buy Organic.

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