Grant your wish 11:11

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It’s 11/11, and you are wondering if this number really works or not? It is said that this is the angel’s number. According to the legend, every 11/11 some angels have the opportunity to be seen by human beings. Of course not everyone can see them and if you are one of these lucky ones; be ready. On this day, the angel will come down at a certain place, will stir the air and whoever sees the angel first, can ask for a wish.

Others say that if you spontaneously see 11:11 on the clock on 11/11, it’s a confirmation message from heaven that a new beginning is about to come and that which you have been asking for will be grant.

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Whatever your beliefs are, the thing is that it’s a popular number. As for me, November 11th is a special day where “I declare” a breakthrough happening in my life. This is the day when I write down my goals for the upcoming new year, I setup my mind and bring all the positivism and light into my life for my new beginnings. I also re-read the goals I wrote a year ago to see how many I achieved. On 11/11, I feel blessed, empowered, joyful, motivated, and inspired. I find the power to keep going, to keep dreaming and to never give up on my life.

What’s on your mind right now? How do you feel about yourself? About your life? Are you living for others or for yourself? Have you lost the passion for life? Today is a good day to start over again. It doesn’t matter what happened until this very last moment in your life; forget about the past. What others have pointed out at you, all your loss, and all the sadness – Shake it off!

Are you used to it? Used to your life tasting bitter? Have you grown accustomed to turning your sunny days into rainy ones? Or your spring getting twisted into winter? Forget that! From now on, it’s going to be fucking phenomenal for you! Love yourself, shake yourself off, the bad stuff is now gone. Smile, it’s springtime all year around.

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Dance your sorrows away, ask for your wish. Hop off the bed, open up all the blinds in your heart. Let the sun shine through and heal your wounds. Stop crying over the spilled milk. Don’t turn your back on yourself. Hey, Even if nobody believes in you, or no one expects anything from you – be your own hero. Just rewrite your tale, and remember you are your own medicine.

You are free to dream, have a toast for yourself, for all the successes and your failures. You will never be a follower, you are always a leader. Give yourself the power, you are the love of your life. Have faith, believe that something bigger than yourself will accompany you through your life path. Trust me, You will win all your fights, even if you don’t see it now, everything is working in your favor.

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Today is a good day to start over, to create a new life, to develop new dreams. Do not be scared, you are not what your negative thoughts say you are, you are not what those who looked down on you said you were. You are not your past, nor your mistakes. I don’t believe in “mistakes”, there is no such thing. What society calls “mistakes and failures” are actually the boosters you need to rise higher than you ever have. You are powerful when you learn to believe in yourself, nothing can beat you up when you find your power. Do not give up on yourself, you need nobody, you are enough. Life is beautiful, BE YOUR OWN HERO!!

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