Love worth Finding

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There is a kind of love that overcomes all adversity. A love that takes over you completely, it teaches you to forgive, to give without measure, to accept, and to respect situations; even tho some of these may collaterally hurt you. It’s like your inner self is born again, and your heart gets stolen.

There is this new sweet voice inside of you, that soothes you. It allows you to let go of your selfishness. It’s an overwhelm feeling, like being asleep with an awakened heart. This is a love worth finding. You give away the best of you, not what is left from a broken past or a broken heart. Your whole heart becomes a shelter for others, but specially for yourself.

A love that is worth finding isn’t something that just comes to your life because you are bored of the routine, or because you are in need of something new to assure your worth. It’s company that lifts you up, holds your hand to help you move at your pace, and patiently teaches you how to keep walking in a dark, selfish, and cruel world.

You are smiling at your regrets, because time has taught you that although the sky is cloudy, the sun will always warm you when it comes to shine again. You learn how to trust, how to wait, and how to take care of the ones you love.

Even if you try to walk away from it, in the middle of the storm, deep inside of your heart , this love always tirelessly will hold you tight and fight in your favor. The more you keep denying it, the more the star in the sky will shine brightly, saying “I am here, as true as your heart is”. The more you run away from it, the more your heart will keep beating searching for it again. In search of you, this love will set sail, it will always take care of you in the distance, it can’t be hidden, it is real as you are.

A love worth finding lives within you, overcomes the natural reasoning, it is a light that can’t be extinguished. It’s a supernatural love that hopes for the best. It’s an innocent smile with teary eyes, when memory brings back flashbacks. Moments that bring you down to your knees, putting your hands together raising a blessing, hoping that happiness is surrounding the ones you love.

A crazy love, not a normal love, a dream in which invisible things with your eyes can be touched with your hands. A love that is alive, only by faith, that prays for you to be safe, healthy and happy – is worth to be found.

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