How to reach your potential

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You can’t become the best version of yourself by staying comfortable”

What are you dealing with right now? Are new doors being opened for you? Are you making excuses because you don’t want to put in the required effort? Is it dealing with a bad habit? Or perhaps getting back in shape? Going back to school? Accepting that new job offer for which you feel unqualified?

Often, we run away from things that are uncomfortable to deal with. We push down our potential when we run away from the things that confront us with our deepest insecurities. It’s natural to run away from our fears, it’s an automatic reaction that our brain sends to our bodies to protect ourselves when we feel in danger. It’s uncomfortable so we keep putting it off.

Some people spend their whole lives running away from different things, some may run from past mistakes, from dealing with bitterness, trying to get rid of a bad habit, or from seeking help, while others run from people who did them wrong. However, just because you run away doesn’t mean that it’s going to disappear. It won’t go away. Hiding your potential won’t make your fears go away.

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As long as you are ignoring the challenges, you’re always going to live wondering what you could have been if you’d have had the courage to fight for yourself and beat those giants. As long as you are running, you’re going to miss the greatness in you. You will miss great opportunities in life because you are afraid to reach your potential. Life will send you signals, people, situations that come to shake your world so that you move out of your comfort zone. Do not waste these.

Nothing is a coincidence, every single step that you have taken, was full of purpose. Every door opened, as short as it may have been, had a goal. The purpose is teaching you to conquer what you don’t want to confront.

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Run TOWARDS your giants, not away FROM them. If you do turn away, you will be running away from your destiny. You need to stop hiding under someone’s else skirt, like little kids do, hiding within their mother’s skirt because they are afraid. You have what it takes, you need to trust yourself. Trust me when I say this, life will send people to help you dust off the dreams you once had and abandoned – because you didn’t want to go the extra mile.

Do not run when things get hard, don’t shrink back because of pride. You may need to humble yourself to grow. It’s impossible to reach your potential without having humility. Be humble and learn from others, but specially learn from your mistakes. Do not play the role of the victim, play harder.

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Run to your purpose, don’t take the easy way out. Do not spend your life running from your past, from your fears, or from dreams that seem impossible. You can’t sweep your potential under the rug because the challenges look too big. One day you will have to come back and deal with what you avoided – before you can reach a new level. Don’t leave things halfway just because you got scared. It’s better to do it now, rather than later. You have the skills that you need, the power is within you. You will realize that it wasn’t as hard as you thought it was going to be. You’ll feel like a heavy weight was lifted from you. You are capable of conquering everything that is knocking at your door. You are full of potential.

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